Welt der Wunder TV® presents: The Shock wave technology of the ImpulsTec GmbH

21 December 2021

On December 22nd, 2021, at 8:15 pm, the TV station Welt der Wunder will broadcast a report on the shock wave technology of ImpulsTec GmbH in the format "Green Life".

The report can already be seen online on YouTube or at www.weltderwunder.de.

We are eagerly awaiting the contribution from the well-known Welt der Wunder team. As a young high-tech company, ImpulsTec is very proud to have been picked up and documented by such a renowned broadcaster.

In the "Green Life" series, new, innovative and ecological ideas and companies that tackle modern day-to-day problems and have possible solutions, are carefully examined and presented. This now also includes the technology from the Saxon company ImpulsTec GmbH.

Waste and materials that could not be recycled or only insufficiently so far are the specialty of the ImpulsTec technology. E-waste, solar cells, coated plastics, batteries, concrete, semiconductors and much more, can be intelligently and cleanly separated or broken up by the shockwave technology. This is a big step towards material cycle management and environmental protection.

In this report, the application-related sister company MAB Recycling GmbH celebrates its debut as a modern recycler and large-scale user of shock wave technology.

MAB Recycling GmbH is currently building innovative systems based on shock waves for high-quality recycling of lithium-ion batteries. Long-term, the company aims to become the leading recycler of energy storage systems and is refining the process, which is unique in the world, together with ImpulsTec GmbH.

The specialty: the highest purity and a complete separation of materials, which for the first time does not create a so-called "black mass", but instead intelligently separates all components of the cells and exposes them for reprocessing.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with Welt der Wunder® and thank the broadcaster for this special contribution about our novel approach.


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