ImpulsTec nominated for the Saxon Innovation Award 2021

ImpulsTec’s shock waves not only selec­tive­ly sep­a­rate com­pos­ite mate­ri­als, they also strength­en Saxony’s inno­v­a­tive pow­er with their poten­tial in recy­cling tech­nol­o­gy. With its inno­va­tion, a con­tin­u­ous shock wave sys­tem for selec­tive mate­r­i­al recy­cling, Impul­sTec is one of the final­ists for the Sax­on Inno­va­tion Award 2021. On 14 July, the win­ners will receive their awards at the Future­Sax Inno­va­tion Con­fer­ence. The Sax­on State Prize for Inno­va­tion was first award­ed in 1992. We at Impul­sTec are proud to be nom­i­nat­ed for this tra­di­tion­al prize.